Using IPTVFlash to update IPTV Receivers

The core system files of your IPTV Receiver 250m set-top box can be updated using Encoded Media's IPTVFlash tool for Windows.

Installing and using the IPTVFlash application

To update a set-top box with the system firmware package you have been provided:

  1. Download or copy IPTVFlash.exe to a new folder along with the system firmware package.
  2. Start the IPTVFlash application and on the main screen, click the Add button to add a target set-top box.
  3. In the Target IP Address field at the top, enter the IP address of the set-top box you wish to update.
  4. Choose the system firmware package in the Package drop-down. If you wish to pre-configure a screen size, select it from the Resolution drop-down also.
  5. Click the OK button to submit your changes.
  6. Back on the main screen, highlight the box or boxes you wish to update and click Get Settings.


  7. Now click Start.