Installing the ION external USB video capture device

Video Publisher can be easily configured to connect with the external ION video capture device.


  1. If it's already connected, remove the ION device from the USB port on your PC or laptop.
  2. Download the ION drivers from the Encoded Media web site:

  3. Double click on the zip file you downloaded and then open the setup program contained within it. Follow the prompts to install the drivers and reboot when prompted.
  4. Reconnect the ION device, open Video Publisher and click the Setup button on the main screen toolbar. Put a tick in the Enable recording features checkbox at the top.
  5. From the Camera drop-down, choose USB 2861 Device. From the Sound drop-down, choose Line (ION Audio USB). Press OK to save these changes.

You should now see an image from the ION device on the Video Publisher main screen.