Creating a new TV Server recording rule

One of the key features of TV Server and Omni-Server is the ability to create complex rules that determine when, where and how the server creates new programme recordings.

If you are using TV Server or Omni-Server platform version 2.8, your recording rules are managed via the server's web interface.

  1. Connect to your server's web administration interface.
  2. Select the Recording Rules entry in the left menu column.
  3. Click the Add button to create a new Recording Rule.
  4. In the topmost Channel drop-down box, choose the channel name on which your intended recording should be matched. If you leave this entry as Search All Channels, the recording will be matched across all your defined channels.
  5. Next, select when the programme should be recorded. You can either select the Specify Program Name radio button and type the name or part of the name you wish to match (being sure to check the Also record programs whose descriptions match this text should you wish to match descriptions in addition to names), or you you can select the Specify Start Time and Duration radio button and create a specific time for the rule. tvs_2.8_recrule_01.png

    You can use the wildcard character * (asterisk) in both the Channel and Program Name fields to match all channels and all names respectively.

  6. Click the Next button to determine when the recording repeats. You can either choose the Just record this program once radio button, or the In future, record this program on these days radio button and select which days the recording should occur.


  7. Click the Next button and then press Finish to accept the Publish defaults and create your rule.


The rule should appear in the list in the top half of the screen, and can be edited at any time by selecting it and pressing the Edit button.

Upcoming programmes which match recording rules are shown in the lower half of the screen. Those highlighted with a yellow band are currently being recorded to disk.