Understanding your TV Server status page

The Status page of your TV Server contains the following helpful information on one screen. To access the page, connect to your server's web interface and click the Status link on the left column.

Overview Section

At the top of the page, you will see an overview section that provides information on the hardware appliance, including version number and free disk

Location is a user defined string set in the Advanced section of the admin interface.

Status shows whether the server daemon is running, and how long it has been running.

Program Version gives the platform version number, which you should include in all correspondence with helpdesk agents.

Disk Space shows a graph of used and free space on the appliance's internal storage.

Network displays how much data is currently being sent by the server onto your LAN, together with key network details.

Current Server Time shows the current server date and the time.

System Uptime denotes how long the server has been running without interruption.

Hard drive temp is the temperature of your storage medium  in degrees celsius.

Card Summary Section

The section at the bottom gives you an at-a-glance view of how your appliance is tuned.

Status column indicates if there is any signal at all connected to this card. This should be TUNED.

Stream Quality reports the status of the signal from the rooftop aerial or satellite dish over time, with the rightmost edge of the graph showing the current quality levels. For best performance this needs to show Perfect.


If you are seeing errors highlighted in red the signal has a problem and must be investigated by your TV installer.