Using the IPTV Manager Desktop Remote


You can use IPTV Manager and IPTV Remote applications to grant selected network users permission to remotely control any IPTV set-top box from their Windows desktop.


  • Encoded Media IPTV Manager Pro
  • Encoded Media IPTV Remote


Download the free IPTV Remote application using this download link and install the application on the host PC to which you wish to grant control permissions.


Open IPTV Manager and select the Set Top Boxes node in the left navigation. Select the boxes for which you wish to grant permission, then right-click and select Tools followed by Generate Remote Key from the pop-up menu.

On the Remote Key Generator screen, you are able to provide an expiry date for the permission should you wish to add one in the Expires (end of) date selector, and to simplify the remote interface by excluding some of the lesser used controls by checking Minimal buttons.

Click the Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom of the screen to copy the remote key code from the list above into the Windows clipboard.

Returning to the IPTV Remote application, open it and paste the text you copied from the previous step.

Press the OK button and the desktop remote control interface will launch.

If the remote control authorisation covers more than one set-top box, the user is able to choose the target by clicking the SELECT TV button at the top. You can also select to target all available boxes by selecting All from the pop-up menu.


To reset the authorisation and remove all granted set-top box permissions, click the SELECT TV button at the top, choose Settings from the pop-up menu followed by the Reset Authorisation button at the top.