Working with groups


This article describes organising boxes into groups for easier viewing and management.


  • Encoded Media IPTV Manager Pro


You can create any number of groups of set top boxes, enabling you to quickly focus in on smaller numbers of devices. Groups appear as quick selections in the Groups node of the left navigation pane.


With the Set Top Boxes node selected in the left navigation pane:
  1. Highlight one or more target boxes individually, in a range, or by selection
  2. Right-click any of the highlighted entries
  3. Choose Group from the pop-up menu that appears, then click Create New Group
Note. When creating a new group of devices, you’ll be asked to name the group. This name has no effect on the items within the group and is merely a descriptive term for the IPTV Manager program interface.

Once you have provided a name for the group and pressed OK, it is immediately accessible from the left navigation pane.

Selecting and managing groups of set-top boxes

With the Set Top Boxes node still selected in the left navigation pane:
  1. Click and expand the Groups node
  2. Left-click select the name of the group you wish to view
  3. The boxes contained within the group will be displayed in the list pane on the right