Installing IPTV Manager


IPTV Manager Pro gives a panoramic view of Encoded Media devices on your network. Get real time status information about channels, streams and bandwidth used, plus hardware information including CPU usage and temperatures.


IPTV Manager licence holders should first download the required setup application.

Once the download has completed, double-click the setup icon to begin the installation process.

At the very beginning of the setup process, you may see a User Account Control message similar to the one shown below. This is perfectly normal, and merely provides reassurance that the program you have downloaded is legitimate:

If you can see  ENCODED MEDIA (UK) LIMITED as the verified publisher press the Yes button to continue.


When the initial setup wizard page appears, click the  Next button to determine the Setup Type as below:

  • Full IPTV Manager is installed to the local PC's disk.
  • Run only The program is run a single time from a temporary folder, and is not installed.

When the type selected, press Next to determine the installation folder.

The  Select Destination Location page allows you to choose a folder where IPTV Manager should be installed. For fresh installs, the default location is within an EMPub folder on the storage device with the largest amount of free space; in the case of an existing installation (e.g. when upgrading), the folder in current use will be selected for you. Click Next to accept the folder location shown and continue, or click Browse to select a new destination first:

The following Select Start Menu Page allows you to choose folder the IPTV Manager program shortcuts will be saved. By default, this is Encoded Media but can be anything of your choosing:

The penultimate page of the setup process allows you to Select Additional Tasks such as creating a desktop icon for the program:

On the final  Ready To Install page, a summary is presented which shows the various choices you have made, and the steps the setup program will make when you finally click Install. When completed, you will see a success page.