Manual recording using IPTV Manager


This article describes creating manual recordings.


  • Encoded Media IPTV Manager Pro.
  • Encoded Media TV Server or Encoder (HD or SD).


To manually start a recording in IPTV Manager, first select the [TV Server] view in the column on the left:

Next select the TV Server with the channel you wish to record. This may already show the channel thumbnails. If not, right click on the TV Server and select [Show Channel Thumbnails]

Find the channel you wish to record in the thumbnails, and right click on that thumbnail.

Select [Start Recording] from the drop down menu, and the length of the recording you wish to make.

A record indicator (red dot) will appear below the channel thumbnail to indicate recording. Once the recording duration has been reached, the record indicator will disappear.

Recording is performed by the TV Server, and stored on the TV Server. Space for recordings is finite, and older recordings will be automatically deleted to make room for new ones.
It is recommended that recordings are copied/removed from the TV Server as soon as they are complete. The [copy] option within the [Recordings] menu is ideal for this task.