Importing presentations with slides using Video Publisher


Before starting, make sure you've installed Video Publisher and have activated the program with the correct licence for this task.

Software Configuration

1 - On the top toolbar, select Recordings:

If the source of the presentation and slides is already shown, skip to step 6

2 - Select [Click to add a Remote Server].

3 - Enter a name for your encoder

4 - Set the Server address as \\your-encoder\Recordings

5 - Set the URL Path to http://your-encoder/
and then press [Add]

6 - Your encoder is now shown under [Remote Servers]. Click on it to reveal the available recording channels.

7 - Select the folder that matches the channel used for the main camera input of the presentation. (The slide input should be configured on the Encoder as the supplementary slide input for this channel).
This will show the recordings currently available on the Encoder.

8 - Create a local folder for your new presentation.

9 - Drag the recording you wish to copy from the Remote Server into your local folder.
The primary format of "No conversion, copy as-it" will be fastest.

10 - The recording will be copied across to your local folder, and will now be visible, and playable, in video library.