Legacy TV Server platforms and MP4

Prior to version 3.0 of the TV Server and HD Encoder platform, MP4 files existed only as supplementary podcast files. This KB article describes the process of creating them.

Adding a new MP4 format

Connect to your appliance's web admin interface, choose  Configuration from the left hand navigation and tap the Edit Formats button:

On the Edit Formats dialog that opens, tap the Add button:

An additional entry for the new format is inserted at the top of the list. Provide a name for this new format by typing MP4 into the highlighted field:

Copy the following code from the line below, being sure to include all characters and quotation marks:

-a 128k --podcast "-c 0 -l auto -b 3000 -B 128 -x x"

Go back to the Edit Formats dialog, tap to select the empty Format Specification field and simply paste the code you copied in the step above:

Tap the OK button in the bottom right of the Edit Formats dialog to save this new format.

Create an MP4 podcast recording rule

Using the MP4 format you created above, you are now able to create recordings that have an accompanying MP4 file with them.

On the web admin interface, select Recording Rules from the left navigation and tap Add in the bottom right:

On the Publish step of the Add Recording wizard, choose your new MP4 profile from the Video Format drop-down box, put a check in the Automatically publish box and then click Finish:

Finding your new podcast.mp4 file

The MP4 file will be found in the Downloads share which accompanies every recording that has an accompanying podcast.

You can browse to this location from the Transcoded network share, as shown below: