IPTV 250m audio and composite output

The IPTV 250m set-top box has a combined composite video and audio output available on the back.

A 1.8m cable terminated in 3 RCA style connectors is available from Encodedmedia or from your reseller, part# IPTVA-180-AV

The connector in the back of the set-top box is a 4 way TRRS 3.5mm socket.
Please note that there are many different, and incompatible, "standards" for connecting a 4 way 3.5mm plug to 3 RCA connectors.

Please ensure the lead you intend to use implements the following connections:

Tip: Composite video*
Ring: Left audio
Ring: Right audio
Shield: Common ground

 The composite video signal is only available when the set-top box is set to standard definition output. It is disabled when the set-top box is set for an HD resolution.
The audio is always present.