Resetting TV Server or HD Encoder password

For security reasons, resetting the admin password for your TV Server or HD Encoder can only be accomplished from the local terminal directly connected to the TV Server or HD Encoder. It cannot be performed over a remote network connection.

Applies to

TV Server version 4.x and later

This is an advanced topic! It is intended for system administrators only.

Hardware Configuration

To reset the admin password you must first connect a keyboard and monitor to the TV Server or HD Encoder.

Once connected you should see a log on prompt. Use the following username, available only when you are connected to the physical console:


And the following password

** For security, please contact support for password **

Once logged in you can reset the admin password to admin by typing the following command:


You should now be able to log onto your TV Server or HD Encoder remotely using the username admin and the password admin. It is strongly recommended that you change your password using the maintenance (5) option in the menu immediately.