​Port and firewall information for IPTV Manager

IPTV Manager is an application to administer and monitor the Encoded Media devices and servers on the network. To facilitate this, it uses various network communication protocols.


Destination Port Protocol Function
TV Servers 80 TCP Querying TV Server configuration, currently connected Set-top boxes, channels 
Video Publisher 80 TCP Querying Video Publisher configuration
Video Library 80 TCP Querying Video Library configuration
Set-top box 5004 UDP Heartbeat polling of Set-top boxes
Set-top box 5004 TCP Query Set-top box status in event UDP/Multicast not available. Set-top box remote control, change volume, channel and server configuration.


Source Port Protocol Function 12000 Multicast/UDP Multicast messages from TV Servers, Video Library and Video Publisher announcing their presence.
Set-top Boxes 12000 UDP Direct from Set-top boxes following a poll request.