IPTV Manager log files

Sometimes a support engineer will require more detailed log files than are recorded in IPTV Manager by default.

These steps will shop you how to increase the logging level and find the log file generated.

Increasing the logging level

From the [Tools] menu, select [Options]

From the [Options] screen, select the [Advanced] tab, and then change the "Logging level" to "ALL".

Press [Save]. Then close IPTV Manager (new logging levels only take effect after it is restarted).

Once IPTV Manager has been restarted it will be logging at the selected level. Leave IPTV Manager running for the requested time. Usually 60 seconds will be enough to capture enough data for most situations. Your support engineer will tell you if anything else is required.

Locate the log file

Once again, go to [Tools], [Options], and go to the [Log] tab. Click [Explorer]. This will open a windows file explorer on the log file directory.

Revert to the regular logging level

Follow the steps for increasing the logging level (See top), but change the "Logging level" back to "STATUS". Press [Save] and close/restart IPTV Manager to apply the changes.

Send the log file

In the Explorer window (which was opened on the log file directory in the step above), sort the files by date, and select the latest file starting "IPTVManager_". This will be the file created with the "ALL" logging level which your support engineer will require. The file should be sent to your engineer, via email or as a support ticket attachment.