Encoded Media Downloads


Video Publisher


Makes recording and broadcasting to any size audience as easy as sending email. The interface is easy for a novice to operate, yet powerful enough to help the most experienced user deliver video quickly and professionally

Video Library


Browse full resolution rich media presentations in a fully customisable web based video portal

IPTV Manager


Makes the monitoring and management of TV Server, HD Encoder, SD Encoder and IPTV set-top box appliances a snap. Features automatic device discovery, real time dashboard, freeform search and virtual remote control

IPTV Manager Desktop Remote Control


Send remote commands to any number of Encoded Media IPTV set-top boxes using a virtual IR remote control on your desktop.

Encoded Media Player


Encoded Media’s desktop media player allows authorised users to view channels they are permitted to watch on their computer. Designed to be familiar and easy to use, and working on all versions of Windows from XP onward


Remote Support Tool (TeamViewer)


To allow Encoded Media helpdesk agents to support your products remotely

McTest (Multicast Test) Client


For the diagnosis and troubleshooting of multicast network issues