Allowing non-admin users access to recording rules

By default, only admins have access to recording rules: adding, editing and deleting them. But you may wish to allow ordinary users access to the recording features of your appliance.

This is an advanced topic! It is intended for system administrators only.


You will need to edit the main configuration file for TV Server.

Connect to the server's console interface.

Select Maintenance (5), then Advanced (4), then Launch Command Shell (3)

Edit the TV Server configuration file directly with the following command:

pico /etc/etvd.conf

Assuming there isn't an existing line defining the permission you are about to create, add the following to the bottom of the file:


Press CTRL+X to exit. When prompted to save, press Y. When prompted for the filename, press Enter to use the existing one.

To apply the change you've made, visit the Status page on the web interface and click Restart.