Accessing the TV Server console remotely

You can connect to the console remotely using one of the following three ways:

  • IPTV Manager desktop management tool
  • Telnet for TV Server and HD Encoder appliances running platform 2.x
  • SSH for TV Server and HD Encoder appliances running platform 3.x and later

Connecting via IPTV Manager (PuTTY)

Highlight the server in the list, right-click its entry and choose Tools then Open Engineer screen from the pop-up menu, or simply press CTRL+H.

Connecting via SSH

ssh admin@yourserver

Replace username with the correct admin username for the TV Server version you have.

info-icon.gif You can always obtain direct physical access the console by attaching a monitor and keyboard to the TV Server or Omni-Server device. This is useful in the event you do not know the IP address of the device in question, such as when it has been set to obtain its address automatically (via DHCP).

Connecting via Telnet

telnet yourserver
icon_alert.gif If you're connecting from a Windows 7 or later desktop, Microsoft no longer enable Telnet.