Changing the network configuration of your TV Server

Viewing and updating the network settings of your TV Server appliance is a simple process outlined below.

Modifying LAN settings

  1. Access the server's console interface by connecting a display and keyboard to the appliance (see NOTE, below) or remotely with SSH.
  2. Default username and password is admin/admin
  3. At the main menu, choose Configuration (2), then Network (1)
  4. Choose LAN 1 (or LAN 2 in the event your appliance is dual network) from the list.
  5. To set a dynamic address, select Obtain IP address automatically. To set a static address, select Use the following IP address and provide the static address details beneath.
  6. Choose OK and the settings will be immediately applied

NOTE While you can modify the server's LAN settings remotely, it is inadvisable for a number of reasons.  If you are switching from a static IP to a dynamic IP, you will need to establish the newly allocated dynamic IP in order to reconnect. In addition, should you inadvertently apply the wrong settings, such as setting a static IP address which conflicts with an existing assignment elsewhere on the network, the box may become unreachable. For these and other reasons it is always safer to make network changes directly on the console with a keyboard and monitor.