Configuring Encoded Media Player to connect with your TV Server or Omni-Server

Encoded Media Player can be configured to connect with your TV Server and allow you to watch live television streams on your PC desktop.

This is a simple, three step process as outlined below:

  1. Start Encoded Media Player and at the initial Login screen press the Options button:


  2. On the Login tab, enter the IP address of your TV Server or Omni-Server in the Login Server field at the top:


  3. Press the OK button to submit your change, and then press the Loginbutton to connect.

If you are connecting to a TV Server or Omni-Server version 2.8 or earlier, the username and password are not used. If you are connecting to a later TV Server or Omni-Server, you may be asked by your network administrator to use specific login credentials in order to gain access to a personalised list of channels.


All error messages should be reported to the Encoded Media Player's Login screen, and the More button provides more detail:


Be sure to include any errors you receive in all correspondence with the helpdesk. You can either click Copy to Clipboard or Save As on the Technical Information screen, or click Send as Email:


Error Messages

Could not contact login server

Check that you have the IP address for the TV Server or Omni-Server correct, and that the machine is on and accessible from elsewhere on your network. Be sure that a firewall is not preventing access.

No channels are available in the Channels menu

Be sure that your TV server or Omni-Server has been correctly scanned and configured and that there are no errors showing on the Status Page.

Channels do not stream

If the channel in question is being streamed using unicast, be sure that the status page shows the card handling the channel is tuned and that the input data rate is non zero. If the channel is being streamed using multicast, confirm with your network administrator that your network can handle multicast and that multicast packets are visible from your location.