TV Server and Archive Carousel Mode

Carousel Mode (sometimes referred to as Archive Mode) is where your TV Server or Omni-Server appliance deletes the oldest recordings as the hard drive nears capacity in order to make room for newer ones.

Putting your TV Server in Carousel Mode is two stage process, as outlined below:

Configuring the server

  1. Connect to the server's console interface.
  2. From the main menu, choose Maintenance (5), Advanced (4), then Edit etvd.conf (2)
  3. Find the entry that states:
  4. #archiveMode = 1

    and uncomment it by removing the hash character so that it now reads:

    archiveMode = 1
  5. Now look for the following entire section:
  6. #[Archive]
    #minDiskFreeGigs = 60
    #deleteXML = 0

    and uncomment all those lines too.

  7. Finally add the following section to the bottom of the file:
  8. [Archive Transcoded]
    checkIntervalMins = 0
    path = none
    maxUsedSpaceGigs = 9999999
  9. Hit CTRL+X to exit and select YES to save followed by Enter to confirm the name of the file.

Configuring your recordings

  1. Connect to your server's web administration interface.
  2. Select the Recording Rules entry in the left menu column.
  3. Click the Add button to create a new Recording Rule.
  4. Choose a channel whose programmes you wish to blanket record by choosing its entry in the Channel drop-down, or leave Search all Channels selected to blanket record all programmes on all channels:


    Make sure you specify the wildcard character * as the Program Name, and Click Next.

  5. Make any changes necessary to the days when the recording should take place:


    Click Next.

  6. Deselect the Automatically Publish checkbox. You can leave this selected, but you should note that the volume of file traffic created will be significant:


    Click Finish.