Configuring your TV Server to use VLC for live streams

By default, your TV Server uses Microsoft Windows Media Player to display television streams in the web interface.


In addition to Windows Media Player, you will also need Encoded Media Player or Duet Player in order to view the streams. This desktop utility was designed specifically to handle the protocols and video data that your TV Server sends.

In the event you do not have Player installed, you can reconfigure your TV Server to use VLC media player instead:

  1. From your Windows desktop, browse to the TV Server in question.
  2. Once connected, drill down through the www folder to the viewer folder by double-clicking their icons.
  3. Open the config.js configuration file in a text editor.
  4. Look for the following entry:
  5. FORCEVLC = false;
    Modify it so that it reads:
  6. FORCEVLC = true;
  7. Save the file and refresh the web browser.

VLC media player is an open source, third party software project neither officially supported by nor officially endorsed by Encoded Media.