Usernames and passwords for TV Server

TV Server ships with a factory-set username and password for accessing the web interface and also the console interface.

Platform 2.10 and later

Web interface and console interface

Username: admin
Password: admin

Changing user passwords

TV Server and HD Encoder appliances running version 2.10 and later platforms allow user passwords to be changed from the web interface. Changing a password is a simple process outlined below.

  1. Access the first appliance's web admin interface
  2. Click Advanced in the left navigation, then select Users
  3. Highlight the user whose password you wish to change, and click the Set Password button in the menu above
  4. Provide the new password, confirm the existing password, then press OK to save

Platform 2.8 and before

Web interface

Username: admin
Password: admin

Console interface

Username: tvserveradmin
Password: tvserver

In the interests of security, you should change the default passwords shown and ensure that access to your TV Server is controlled and monitored by your network administrator.

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