Input Connections

Input Feeds

Encoded Media hardware products are available with a variety of DVB-S2 satellite, DVB-T2 terrestrial, HD and SD input sources.

TV Server Inputs

  • DVB-S2 appliances have IEC 60169-24, i.e. standard F-Sockets
  • DVB-T2 appliances have IEC 61169-2, i.e. standard TV aerial sockets

HD Encoder Inputs

  • HDMI inputs have HDMI type A sockets
  • HD-SDI inputs have SDI BNC sockets
  • VGA have 15-pin DE-15 VGA female sockets (legacy)
  • DVI-I have dual link DVI-I female sockets (legacy)

Console Access

In addition to input feeds, engineers wishing to make platform level configuration changes (for example, modifying the appliance IP address) will need to connect a screen and keyboard directly to the device.

Engineer (Console Screen) Access

  • Screen 15-pin DE-15 VGA female socket, dual link DVI-I male socket or HDMI type A socket
  • Keyboard USB type-A socket