Clearing TV Server and HD Encoder logs

Depending on a number of unrelated factors such as platform version, audience and configuration, your TV Server and HD Encoder appliance will occasionally need routine maintenance to clear out accumulated log files.

This is an advanced topic! It is intended for system administrators only.


Connect to your TV Server or HD Encoder console.

Open a shell prompt by choosing Maintenance (5), Advanced (4), then Launch Command Shell (3)

As an initial cleanup, run the following sequence of commands to permanently remove the watcher, transcode manager and server access logs:

rm /var/log/etvd/watcher.log.*
rm /var/log/etvd/transcodemanager.log.*
rm /var/log/apache2/access.log.*
Afterwards, check free disk space on the appliance by running the following command:
df -h
A sample output of the command is seen below:
You are looking for the usage percent figure shown for the log partition. If the use remains above 50%, consider removing the main logs by running the following command:
rm /var/log/etvd/etvd.log.*