Configuring an HD Encoder and slides

HD Encoders have the ability to simultaneously capture a camera feed together with slides from a second input. This combined feed can then be used by Video Publisher and Video Library. The feed is typically used in auditoriums where speakers are accompanied by a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


It's helpful to rename the inputs on the HD Encoder appliance to avoid confusion.

In the following example, the HD camera feed of the presenter is connected to AUX1, and the laptop providing the PowerPoint slides is connected to AUX2. We'll rename AUX1 to Camera and AUX2 to Slides.

Using a web browser, open the web administration page of the HD Encoder and select the Channels tab on the left.

By clicking on the relevant cell in the Name column, the channel name can be replaced them with your own text.

Next, we need to tell the Camera channel about the accompanying slides. This is done by tapping the Edit button for the camera channel.

Find the Supplementary (Slides) Channel setting and select the PowerPoint feed from the drop-down box. In our example, the accompanying channel is called Slides.

Once selected, tap the OK button at the bottom of the dialog. The appliance will then need to reload for this change to take effect: tap the Reload Now button in the top right.

Whenever the camera channel records, the accompanying slides channel will record at the same time. The resulting combined recording can be processed using Video Publisher, and viewed using Video Library.