Change the way TV Server handles loss of signal data

TV Server appliances reboot when signal data from the TV aerial is corrupt or stops being received for a predetermined amount of time.

To modify this behaviour, you will need to make a small change to your TV Server configuration and this document describes that process.

Applies to

TV Server platform 4.2 and earlier.

This is an advanced topic! It is intended for system administrators only.


Preventing the server from rebooting involves making changes to your etvd.conf.

  1. Connect to the server's console interface.
  2. Select Maintenance (5), then Advanced (4), then Launch Command Shell (3)
  3. Edit the TV Server configuration file directly with the following command:
  4. pico /etc/etvd.conf
  5. Assuming there isn't an existing line defining the setting you are about to create, add the following to the bottom of the file:
  6. [General]
    dvbRecoveryRebootMs = 0
  7. Press CTRL+X to exit. When prompted to save, press Y. When prompted for the filename, press Enter to use the existing one.

To apply the change you've made

  • either connect to the console and choose Control (4), TV Server Control (1), then Restart (3)
  • or visit the Status page on the web interface and tap Restart