Shutting down, rebooting and reloading your TV Server

There are several ways to power off and reboot your TV Server or HD Encoder appliance.

Web Administration Interface

  1. Select Advanced in the left navigation pane, then expand the Configuration subnode and select Maintenance underneath
  2. Either tap Reboot to perform a warm boot of the hardware, tap Reload to restart the software, or Shut down to power off.

See the Terminology section at the bottom of this page for an understanding of the differences between rebooting and reloading.

Console Interface

  1. From the main console menu, choose Control (4) then Shutdown/Reboot System (2)
  2. Select Reboot System (1)


System Control


When you choose to reboot your equipment via the console or web admin interfaces, a warm reboot - otherwise known as a soft reboot - is performed, whereby the appliance is restarted without interruption of power.

The alternative is a cold or hard reboot which requires you to power down the equipment and then start it again via the power button.


Stops all software processes and turns off the equipment. No power is consumed once an appliance is in this state.

To return the server to operation, tap the power button.

Service Control


Stops the software process responsible for network streaming.


Starts the software process responsible for network streaming.


Stop and then Start the software process responsible for network streaming.

Note that reload is distinct from a reboot in that the equipment will continue to allow access to users and administrators. Reloading causes any changes you have made to the unit's configuration to be set in place and any connected set-top boxed devices to be reloaded also; when you see a prompt after having made alterations to your server's configuration, a reload is performed.