Configuring TV Server to upload automatically to your Video Library content folder

TV Server and HD Encoder products can automatically upload published recordings across the network to your Video Library content folder.

Enabling this feature is a two step process, initially creating a user and share on the Video Library host to which the recordings can be uploaded, then changing the head-end appliance configuration to point to them.

Video Libary host configuration

  1. Share the content directory within the EMPub folder hierarchy. By default, the EMPub folder is located in the root of the host's largest drive.
  2. Create a new, non-admin user with read and write permissions to the newly shared content folder above.

Head-end configuration

  1. Connect to the web administration interface of your TV Server or HD Encoder appliance.
  2. On the left navigation pane, expand the Advanced node, select Configuration, then expand Automatic UploadingFor Platform 3.x users, the node is called Options.
  3. Click the Enable button to enable the feature.
  4. Paste or type the UNC path to the shared content folder in the Network share path field.
  5. Provide the account credentials for the user you created using Username and Password fields.
  6. Click the Connect button to test the link is working.