Rescanning and retuning your TV Server 4.x and later


Your TV Server appliance will periodically need re-tuning to include new channels, take account of ones that have changed frequency, and remove any no longer available.

The rescanning process in detail

Open a browser and visit your TV Server's web administration interface.

Make sure the Status page is selected by clicking its entry in the left hand navigation pane. Note any channels that may have changed their location from one frequency to another. On later versions of the TV Server platform, these channels should be flagged in the Summary tab as shown below:

In the Summary tab shown above, we can see that Bloomberg is not available. Select the Cards entry in the left hand navigation pane, then click Re-scan Cards in the top right of the screen:

When the Scan wizard opens, select Advanced scan options and click Next:

On the next page of the Scan wizard, leave All Cards selected in the Select card to scan list, or select an individual card to scan that source alone.

To retune Bloomberg in our example, we'll select Card 1 in the drop-down list and click Next:

On the next page of the wizard, leave Check known transponders for new/changed channels selected and click Next:

Now, simply click Start scan to begin the scanning process:

The scanning progress will be reported back to you in the web interface, showing the number of transponders and channels found:

When the scan process has completed, press the Close button at the bottom to return to the web admin interface and choose the Cards entry in the left navigation.

Retuning a channel after scanning

Select the card that currently carries the incorrect (i.e. old) channel details and press the Configure button. The channel should be denoted with a black warning triangle next to its name.

Deselect the channel by un-ticking its checkbox:

Press the Close button and choose another card that will tune to the moved channel. Begin typing the name of the channel into the Select transponder field at the top to filter the list accordingly:

With the new transponder details shown, enable the channel by ticking it as below:

When you have finished selecting channels, press the  Close button. To apply the changes, click the Reload button in the top right: