Resilience for Enterprise IPTV Delivery

Encoded Media systems are used in many different mission critical environments such as the emergency services, trading floors, operating theatres and airports where just one minute of downtime can have serious consequences.

Accordingly, resilience is designed into the core of all Encoded Media products. Where IPTV systems are specified with multiple head-ends, the servers can be set to act automatically as backups for each other.

Satellite and Terrestrial Resilience

The two head-ends run independently of each other, and the IPTV set-top box receivers are configured with the details of both servers.

In the event of any issues at the primary location, ranging from hardware and network problems to power failure, the IPTV set-top box receivers will automatically switch to the secondary location.

Diversified Delivery

Many TV channels can be received over both satellite and terrestrial aerial. If a system is designed so that the primary location uses satellite and the secondary location uses terrestrial, whenever one signal fails or there are infrastructure issues, the set-top boxes will flip to the working stream within a matter of seconds.
This mechanism also works with satellite channels that are delivered by different satellites.